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I have a passion for books, I'm an avid book reader and therefore by definition a bibliophile.

BibliophileI struggle to find space in the house to stack and display the books I've bought over the years.

But, there's an associated obsession too and that involves an overwhelming curiosity in other people's reading habits.

Lockdown is lending additional support to my intense interest. Are you like me?

Every televised interview, where for reasons of lockdown, it's conducted by a video link is enriched if the interviewee sits in front of book filled shelves.

Sometimes I'm really not interested in what's been said, rather I'm eagerly scanning the book shelves. Are there books I recognise and own, can I decipher the titles, are there clues to the readers interests or passions?
And other ideas flash through my mind,  as I frantically scan the shelves trying to note are the book shelves tidy or random, are the books arranged in order, alphabetically or subject, what topics, are the book old or relatively new, do the shelves account for the various sizes of the books?

And even more questions.

Are there other objects on the shelves, little knick knacks, photos etc
How big is the library behind the interviewee, are the shelves modern or traditional?

Finally what books if any are sitting in a stack on a table or desk. I presume that these are the books presently occupying the attention of the subject of the interview. It's so frustrating it the titles are upside down and many video link-ups are low definition and so the titles impossible to read.

Nonetheless I can't resist trying, what about you?