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My obsession with trees

Life Cycle of Trees

There's a time in the year when you look out of the window.

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And the world seems poorer somehow. Trees shed their leaves, and we feel a strong sense of loss, perhaps even grief. Something in our life appears to have died.

This annual reminder of the inevitable passage of time is a sobering reminder to many of us; the older one gets, the more you recognise your own mortality.

But I find consolation in this fascinating story about the life cycle of trees. The more trees we plant as individuals or replace others like the prematurely ageing Horse Chestnut trees in the village, due sadly to disease, the more I feel I belong to a constantly creative process.

All of us must take care of our shared earth during our opportunity to contribute to an act of creation unfolding here and now. 

In part two of this video series, Paul from Plantlife and our Ancients of the Future project, takes you step-by-step through our ageing process work and the benefits of fungi on best practice for woodland cross-taxa management. In this video, you'll learn about the Ancients of the Future project work happening on the ground. Find out more about the project here: