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The Silent Killer

Just over 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.

I was told that without surgery I had about three months left to live. I had the surgery and thankfully I'm still alive. But be in no doubt, Pancreatic Cancer is very dangerous and kills too many, too soon. Watch this short video and if it rings any alarms for you go and see a GP, time is of the essence.

The symptoms of pancreatic cancer in just one minute. It takes hardly any time to view and share this — and it could save a life.
We call it our 1 Minute Lifesaver #1MinuteLifeSaver Only 1 in 3 people can name a symptom of #PancreaticCancer. Learn about the signs and symptoms to look out for. The symptoms of pancreatic cancer can be quite vague and may come and go to begin with. They may depend on where the cancer is in the pancreas, and you may not have all of these symptoms.
If you have jaundice, go to your GP or accident and emergency (A&E) without delay.
If you have any of the other symptoms, you don’t know why you have them, and they last four weeks or more, go to your GP.
Common symptoms include:
  • tummy (abdominal) and back pain
  • unexplained weight loss and indigestion. Other symptoms include:
  • loss of appetite
  • changes to bowel habits – including steatorrhoea (pale, smelly poo that may float), diarrhoea (loose watery poo) or constipation (problems emptying your bowels)
  • jaundice (yellow skin and eyes, dark urine and itchy skin)
  • recently diagnosed diabetes 
  • problems digesting food – such as feeling full quickly when eating, bloating, burping or lots of wind
  • feeling and being sick (nausea and vomiting)
  • and difficulty swallowing.