Welcome to my commonplace book.

Welcome to my occasional letters from Formby


My name is Sean Brady, I've been hooked on blogging and social media for a very long time now. I was even using the Internet before the introduction of the WWW. I wonder how many of you remember the Mosaic browser?

Any enough of me for the time being. This part of my site is meant to be to a space for short notes, quick memos and topical posts and links from elsewhere.

From tomorrow these as sort of posts will be published as 'Notes in the Margins'.

Here are two examples.

Today is St George's Day. Here's something about him.

Here's an example of what I mean when I'm posting a 'note in the margin.

Marginalia (or apostils) are marks made in the margins of a book or other document. They may be scribbles, comments, glosses (annotations), critiques, doodles, or illuminations.