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Just in case you were planning to come to Formby, you ought to be aware that high tides will reduce the amount of beach available for play or parking.

Time to relax more, I'm going to take a break from social media, enjoy your weekend




Enough said!

Is this a sign of retail recovery in our village high street?

I wish our house had visitors like this, red squirrels have been spotted nearby on the estate, but despite lots of trees near the house, none have been tempted.

Still, we live in hope, have a good day. Incidentally these are great photos.

Formby is full!

One of my weekly 'must reads', here's the latest edition.

Lots of jellyfish have been spotted on Formby beach, one visitor even reported that they got stung. Mind where you tread.

You can't stop people from open water swimming when the sun comes out

This important debate is happening today, let's hope our MPs act on the urgency of this crisis

Thank goodness for the RNLI

Get your jab, it will save your life

Disappointing behaviour in Formby