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Spaces is here, let's chat soon.

Twitter has recently enabled 'spaces' on the platform.

Last year we introduced Spaces: live audio conversations on Twitter. Since then, we’ve been building and testing with a limited group, and have found that hearing people’s voices bring conversations on Twitter to life in a completely new way. 

Source: https://blog.twitter.com/en_us/topics/product/2021/spaces-is-here.html

Any Twitter account with 600+ Users can start an 'audio chat space' as a host but any Twitter account can attend and even talk in the space at the invitation of the host.

I'm pleased to add that my Twitter account has around 6500 followers so I can open a space and host an audio only conversation. The maximum number of speakers at anyone time is ten but in my current experience that is more than enough. From what few 'spaces' I've attended this new development is going to prove popular and useful.

Keep your eyes open, I'm going to start experimenting shortly. If you have the latest version of Twitter you'll see this at the top of your timeline. If my icon is there surrounded with a pulsing purple border the space is open. Just select the icon to see the invitation.

To start with my space will be labelled as a 'test' and is just me experimenting and 'learning by doing'.

This imagine illustrates the icon. Twitter shapes fleets alert barMy advice, make sure you've got the latest version of Twitter and join in the chat!