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Hospital and lost Property

Hospital boxes clever to cut lost property

Hospital staff have come up with a simple idea to reduce the amount of patient property lost in hospital. Yellow boxes scheme

Yellow cardboard personal property boxes are being tested in four areas of Southport hospital – and will be rolled out to the rest of Southport and Ormskirk hospitals if successful.

The boxes followed a shout out for ideas from staff after dentures were among personal items lost by hospital domestic Anne Hooper’s mum when she was a patient at Southport.

Separately, Sefton Healthwatch had also raised the issue of lost property as a concern from patient families.

Admiral Nurse Hilary Maclaren said the boxes were aimed at patients who were confused or lacked the capacity to care for their own property.

She said:

“This group of patients is most at risk of losing their spectacles, dentures or hearing aids which, as well as being distressing for them, can slow down their recovery and discharge home.

“The best ideas are often the simplest ideas and we hope the yellow box trial shows this is an effective way to reduce lost property.”

Diane Blair, Healthwatch Sefton manager, said:

“We raised feedback with the trust about patients losing their dentures. Without them you cannot talk, eat properly, or smile – all basic things that severely impact on a patient's quality of life, as well as their health and recovery. The introduction of the cardboard personal property box is a really simple way for patients’ property to remain safe and we welcome this innovative initiative.”

The picture shows Admiral Nurse Hilary Maclaren, left, and ward sister Charlotte Howard